Chapa Design offers creative solutions in brand identity systems with companion web and print design. We live and work in Madison, Wisconsin, where we are building a network of friends with our clients and our creative team.

Gerardo Chapa

President / Creative Director
Meet “Jerry” as he tells a bit of his story.

I am a California boy now planted in the mid-west. I grew up in the small town of Orange Cove, California with no streetlights or fast food restaurants. My passions in painting and drawing led me to the Bay area to attend San Jose State University where I studied Pictorial Arts & Graphic Design. While in school, I was hired as a freelancer by Silicon Valley corporations, and also spent time on staff as a designer for a firm in San Jose. Since moving to Wisconsin in 2001, I’ve worked for a local Wisconsin manufacturing company as their Art Director and now as the President of Chapa Design.

My interests span from typical techie gadgets to fine art, but you can also find me with my plastic mug at Capital Brewery. My wife Brie and I are opposites that attracted; she is the Left Brain (Math Major), I’m the Right Brain (Art Major). Together we make a well-balanced team.

I've also been an instructor for Mess Hall Press since 2007. Mess Hall Press provides Madison high school students with the opportunity to gain valuable arts experience in a design studio setting.
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